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How To Drive Impact By Building A Product Vision

How To Drive Impact By Building A Product Vision
Rachel Simpson from Multiverse at PUSH UX 2022

The tension between quick incremental change and longer term planning is one Designers, and organisations, often experience. Knowing how to tell a compelling and tangible story about the long term vision is a powerful way to cut through the noise and drive change across disciplines.

Rachel Ilan Simpson is the Head of UX at Multiverse. She has been defining north star visions for a decade in her roles on Chrome, Search, and Duo at Google, and now in her new role at a rapidly scaling and record-setting startup.

In this talk, Rachel will share her experience of defining compelling product visions across large organisations like Google and at startups like Multiverse. You’ll learn about how to summarise roadmaps and goals into a succinct user story, map stakeholders to drive alignment, and about which methods you can use to visualise and make tangible your team’s vision.