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Demystifying Inclusive Research

Demystifying Inclusive Research
Aleksandra Melnikova at PUSH UX 2023

It's time for tangible inclusion. Making your research inclusive is paramount, otherwise how are you designing for the real world?

Inclusive research is not a dark art and is not unattainable. One of the main barriers for designers today is the lack of material on inclusive research techniques, ways of framing questions and the setup needed to conduct truly welcoming sessions for people with hearing, vision, motor and invisible disabilities.

This talk will help you understand exactly how to plan and conduct research with participants with disabilities, how not to be afraid to do so, and how to feel empowered to interact with the diverse populations we design for. Aleks will take you through everything you need to know from recruitment, planning, moderating, environment set-up to analysis in order for you to conduct your own research with a diverse and truly inclusive audience.