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How to raise the quality of your product before it’s even born

How to raise the quality of your product before it’s even born

One of the biggest mistakes when you build products? Actually building them. That is, without testing interest first. As a product team, we’ll admit we learned this the hard way. As excitable designers & developers, sometimes we went ahead with an idea *we* thought would land. Before seeing how many people would be driven to use it and – the golden ticket – pay for it.

Fake Door Tests let us measure interest in a product without coding it. We saw the benefits firsthand when building experiences for a large financial institution. Now we use Fake Doors as best practice at never final. Creating fast MVP designs of a whole sales pipeline where the final product isn’t built yet. So we can build real business cases before launching a product.

With Fake Door Testing, never final never fails – we exist to build products that people genuinely want and love. So even if a Fake Door doesn’t have the desired result for conversion, we still enjoy the process. It helps our designers work toward what our products will look like when we – hopefully, finally – build them.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to test a product idea at an early stage
  • Pros and cons of Fake Door Testing
  • Dangers of using Fake Door Testing with an existing brand

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