PUSH UX 2024 is coming on November 7-8

Preparing for a Zero UI Future

Preparing for a Zero UI Future
Iannish Posooa at PUSH UX 2023

Join us for an exploration of how and why interfaces are disappearing.

We’ll first explore what Zero UI is at a high level and then dig into some specific examples. Subsequently, we will dissect the underlying design structures of these seemingly invisible interfaces and guide you through the process of resolving real-world issues.

Iannish will be grounding this in tangible product design work and sharing the realities of designing for emerging platforms. We'll address the specific challenges presented by voice and automotive interfaces, and also explore the evolving landscape that is shaping the design principles for AR and VR.

This talk wouldn't be completed without touching on AI and whether we'll have a job in the future. We'll end with an open question for you to consider. To what extent could this interfaceless future dilute the human experience especially since this entire blurb is written by an AI?

If that feels a little overwhelming don’t worry: Iannish has got you covered with cheatsheets, toolkits and feel-good films to get you through your design crisis.