PUSH UX 2024 is coming on November 7-8

Endineering. From Cookies to Consequence.

Endineering. From Cookies to Consequence.
Joe Macleod at PUSH UX 2023

Face it, all your projects are going to die and you haven’t even designed the end. In a world that is flooded with new apps, services, and products can we really assume that our product won’t be killed off in the evolutionary cycle of the ‘next big thing’? While we blindly focus on creating a user experience for on-boarding and usage we overlook the end.

Improving the design of endings promises enormous opportunities. Endings improve the accuracy of deleting, reclaiming or removing materials. They raise brand perception through increased communication. Businesses with better endings have higher consumer satisfaction. Product creators have an opportunity to lead in this emerging field of design, endings will be a competitive differentiator.

This talk will reveal how shards of the consumer experience break lacking a coherent ending. It will provide examples of how this can be avoided and the improvements people can make. Techniques and approaches will be shared that help discussion, design and delivery of endings for consumers in your own projects and products.

Become an Endineer and design ends.